Sneak Peek at 2013

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There’s a lot going down at! Lots of new photos and interviews coming up, and much more. There’s even rumors that the pathetically sparse store is going to get revamped – trust me, I can’t wait!

My sources also tell me that we may also get to see a bit more focus on the geekcasts. There are a couple of avenues that are being considered at this time, all of which would mean more cool dish from your favorite artists!

Personally I thought the live chat interviews were going to really hit it off. Unfortunately it saw both extremes – one having so much traffic that it literally took the servers down and the other with embarrassingly little interest. I lobbied for the transcripts to be published but as you can see (or can’t see) they are not yet available.

So here’s to the upcoming year – with many new and exciting ventures in the works. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Rumor has it is about to launch some new material.  And may I say, its about damn time!!  The suspense has been driving me Madde!

Stop by and check out the the latest (or revisit your favorites):

Featured reviews will include: Fear Factory – The Industrialist, L.A. Guns – Hollywood Forever, and Unisonic – Unisonic.

There will also be interviews with Megadeath Bassist David Ellefson and Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet.

Do you have an artist you’d like to know more about? A burning question you want answered?  Leave a comment and I will personally pass it on to see if can make it happen.

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